Privacy Policy Update

Whenever you receive this kind of email, do not dismiss it. I would advise you to read the policy update.

As a customer, you are responsible for your own data. So you should know how the companies are using or intend to use your personal data.

I may be conflicting myself by saying this given that I’m looking at data analytics project and I would want as much data as possible so that I understand the customers better. But putting my customer’s hat, I believe that it is our right as customers to know who, what and how companies are using my data – more importantly, to whom they intend to share your data to. It’s about not being negligence and protecting  yourself when shit happens. Because like it or not, not all companies are ethical in this area. As long as they can monetize the data, they will grab it.

So for your own benefit/awareness, please read the Policy Update.

Grab Rewards

It’s just one of those days where I feel very lethargic even after drinking coffee and wearing make up etc. My son woke up every other hour last night to drink so my sleep was highly interrupted. Took a ride with husband this morning all the way to work, so that’s about an hour drive, and I felt like sleeping the whole journey. Normally we would have series of conversations but today it was more of the radio talking. My brain just wanted to shut down. But I need to feel productive because I have quite a few important things to be done at work today. So I decided to treat myself with a free juice from Juice Works by using my points from Grab.

The Grab Rewards system is very addictive I have to say especially for Platinum members like me. I used to have 10,000 points and I didn’t want to purchase any reward simply because I wanted to maintain the exclusiveness of being a Platinum member mainly as a GrabCar user. I feel honoured when my bookings are prioritized. But I was wrong. Using points will not make you lose your Platinum title. So if you have lots of points, you should continue to earn and burn the points to your benefit. So that’s what I’ve been doing. Sometimes, if I feel like having a nice drink after lunch or in the morning, I’ll just use my points. It’s a nice feeling to have it for free especially when I’m very cost conscious these days. Because I use Grab a lot especially GrabCar and GrabFood, I earn points easily and in fact more than non-Platinum members, so I burn the points from time to time and that makes my points in my account to be around 5000-6000 on average all the time.

It’s a privilege to be Grab’s Platinum member. It’s really easy money for Grab because they don’t have competition in Malaysia, well except for the local MyCar but I don’t see MyCar being a competitor to Grab. They are very slow, customers still have to pay the drivers by cash. We are moving towards a cashless world, so until they fix their payment system, Grab will still be Malaysia’s number 1 choice. Financially, I’m not sure, as they are burning money a lot too with all the free delivery rewards, free F&B rewards etc.  But whatever it is, I’m a happy customer.

So today, I burned 600 points and got myself a free junior drink from JuiceWorks. Limited choice of juice to pick and smallest size cup – but it’s perfect for me. And now I’m all pumped-up and ready to go through the day. Have a great day guys.

50 emails a day

You know how nowadays we easily get promotional emails if you sign up as a member so that you get points for every purchases? Then they will keep sending emails to you to remind you what’s new in their store or what sale they have at the moment. Sometimes it can get too many/frequent that I get really annoyed. I usually don’t open them I just ignore them. That’s why whenever I make any purchases now and being requested to fill up a form, I declined, unless I’m going to be their loyal customer.

Not just marketing emails, I also get a lot of emails on summary of today’s news – Quartz, Bloomberg, The Edge, FT etc. When I get too busy I tend to just ignore them and read selectively. Same goes to my work email, I receive at least 9 emails on news in just one day. So number of unread emails can easily go up to at 50 in a day. Now I’m using Microsoft 365 at work and outlook has kindly grouped my emails into Focused and Others. It’s quite similar to Gmail where you can easily group your emails into promotional or not. So that actually helps you to clear your inbox faster. But you will still see the (X) number of unread emails on your phone/outlook. It’s annoying.

So I will always try to make sure that everyday, the number in total does not exceed 50. Sometimes I just delete without even reading it. I started this habit late last year. It really helps to clear your mind by doing that everyday. You should try it too. I’m going to aim to reduce it to 20. My husband is worse, he will always make sure it is 0.

Week 6 Reflection

Felt like yesterday I just reflected on Week 5. Now I’m onto Week 6.

It was a very short working week. So it’s a mixture of family time and work time. Husband was not well so we only stayed at home and my mom stayed at my place over the past few days. The long holiday wasn’t eventful but it was still fulfilling. Husband and I talked about gratitude. He expressed to me what he’s grateful of. I was really touched. Maybe because I took care of him very well when he was sick haha.

Once in a while, it’s nice to actually say what we are grateful of and express our gratitude to the people we love. It makes us feel hopeful, inspired, contented with what we have and most importantly loved.

The road was very clear too. Most people were still on leave and schools were closed the whole week. If only we get to experience the light traffic and less chaotic road every day. It really saves a lot of time to go from one point to another. Driving feels relaxing too. But I don’t see it happening any time in the future, even with the MRT, most people still opt to drive. I guess that’s what makes a city unique. People sort of get used to the hustle bustle of living a city. It makes them thrive sometimes.

I realized something over at work too. It increases the confidence in my view that technologies complement human more than merely replacing them. No matter how mechanical your design is, some things just can’t be executed without human’s decision. A case in point, there’s a window and perfect timing for you to execute a trade at the desired price, as you have been prompted by the alerts you set automatically. But what if, you still need your boss to say OK and he/she is on a few hours of flight that by the time he/she lands, the market is closed? You missed the opportunity. It’s probably not the best example as this could have been improved by a better process/back-up plan such as 2nd person in command etc, but the point is, you can set all the alerts you want on email, on phone but if the person in charge is hibernating, what’s the point of having great technologies? Will talk more on this topic some other time.

Have a good weekend guys.

Microsoft 365

If you don’t have it already, please subscribe to it as soon as possible, especially at corporate level. Get your organization to upgrade and get the premium Office applications. Hats off to our MD, just half a year helming the fort and every employee has Microsoft 365 installed in their work laptops already. Now we just need to make sure everyone uses all the applications, especially Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. Even our MD uses it.

Microsoft Teams works like Slack and Slack is already feeling threatened, as highlighted in this FT article.


SharePoint works tremendously like DropBox. Your files will uploaded on Cloud and your team can access the files anywhere and at anytime. You don’t need a VPN to connect to LAN to access files. The best part is, you can easily track the changes made by your team members while they are on it or after. It saves a lot of review team especially when you have a deadline to adhere to. If there are 3 people working on a slide, all the 3 of you can amend the same slide together simultaneously and you can literally see what the other 2 people are changing. It’s amazing, provided you have good internet connection.

You need to use both to feel the power of efficiency and productivity it gives you and your team.

Microsoft has also up their game in their basic applications such as Excel, PPT etc. I realised the other day, you can create Waterfall Chart and Country Map with a just click, which I thought only Tableau or PowerBi has it.

Feels so good to be upgraded and updated to the latest technology.