Why we should continue believing that every company needs to leverage on data analytics

For someone who had a glimpse of the peril and promise of data analytics, I still have hope and aspiration that companies within public and private sectors in Malaysia should believe in the benefits of using data analytics to help solve their business problems and making it a priority. After returning from the US thinking that Malaysia is still far behind, I was not entirely correct. There is awareness certainly. More and more companies are jumping in the bandwagon to try and do it. The word “big data”, “analytics”, “machine learning” or “AI” pops up in multiple pages of the public listed annual reports.

However, I have to say that sometimes my belief/faith in the future of this too sometimes got tested. Firstly, because of the quality of the data and the state of data infrastructure that the companies have require a lot of massaging and improvement. Secondly, the lack of talent in this area. Thirdly and most importantly, lack of belief or buy in from the CEOs/senior management to enforce the execution and thus provide the right support/environment.

Hence, we need more advocates by the leaders in Malaysia, especially from the ones who believe in the promise of data analytics, as rightly captured by the article from the recent Future of Work conference. You can read it here. Mad at myself for not attending that conference.


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