Do you care that Google knows what you buy?

Do you know that Google knows what you buy? Or rather, Google tracks what you buy. Not entirely everything because some purchases were made by cash, some by online banking, some by credit card, as long as the receipts don’t get sent to your email, Google won’t be able to capture those spending. So it’s only receipts, invoices or any type of purchase acknowledgments that are emailed to you will be tracked by Google.

Click here to see your purchase history to see what Google knows about what you buy:

Here’s a screenshot of my purchase history:

Google gets this because I bought the ebooks via and all receipts were sent to my gmail.

According to this article by CNBC,  Google told them that customers/users can turn off the tracking entirely but it’s not as straightforward as it seems and when CNBC tried to do it, there was no such option.

Do I care if Google knows what I buy? For the time being, no as I’m not getting any negative side effects. If anything, I feel that page of Purchases on my Gmail account is a useful summary for me.

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