Malaysia Membaca

Our current PM has always preached for us to become a successful nation, even during his old days as our 4th PM and during his tenure of a normal citizen, ie not a PM, basically all his life because he himself is someone who reads a lot and constantly, like he said, chasing knowledge. He is already 93 and yet he is still chasing knowledge. If there’s one thing that the youth need to learn from him, is his tenacity and curiosity to chase knowledge, continuously. It shouldn’t stop after you finish school, or after you graduate from uni. If you stop learning, you will fail miserably at work.

I like the hashtag #malaysiamembaca. Let’s all use it whenever you post on social media about the books you read or just about anything, it doesn’t need to be just books. In conjunction to World Book Day, this book below arrived on my kindle as i pre-ordered the book last week. Can’t wait to read it!

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