Rush Day

This morning is an epitome of a rush day. I struggled to wake up early. I had to leave my son crying because he didn’t get enough milk as I was already late for work. I had to fix my make up in the car and I had to fix my headscarf in the toilet at LRT station. And I’m now blogging about it in the train while standing and listening to Falling for you by Shawn Mendes.

I hate it when I feel that my life is not organised. Thankfully, this doesn’t happen everyday because it is something that I can control. Some days, it’s uncontrollable like today. My son latched on me from 5 to 6am so I ended up feeling groggy and could only bring myself out of bed at 730am. And I have a 930am meeting. It’s a busy week and this is just a tinge of a peak period. Next month will be peak for me and I foresee that I may not be able to blog consistently every morning. But I will try anyhow. A reminder that I need to start planning for the busy period as early as this month.

Thoughts like should I start weaning off my son run through my mind as well. He just turned 17 months and has been on my milk fully since day 1. So technically, I can. But only for selfish reason – so that I could sleep more soundly and wake up earlier. I keep telling myself that I should not compromise my son’s needs over my own needs.

I guess that’s a dilemma of a working mother. And thoughts like these occur on a rush day when you are feeling overwhelmed. Once the day gets better, you somehow managed to brush away all these thoughts.

It’s a random post about life but it feels good to let it out. Now let’s zen and have a productive day! Speaking of which, I have just arrived at KLCC station. Hit publish button.

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