Reactions on stock-taking posts

Last night I decided to do a stock-take on all the topics I’ve written so far because I wanted to clean up the categories into broader groups so that I only have less than 10 categories. It’s cleaner and focused for my readers, I hope. It’s also a good way to recognize what my interests are because I don’t consciously plan the topics, at least not everyday. Thanks to my husband for grouping it for me.

So this is what it looks like:


First reaction: Ok it’s quite balanced across all categories (except education). I purposely dim weekly reflections from Reflection category because that is the weekly posts so no doubt Reflection will have the most number of posts. I didn’t realize that I’ve done other random posts which my husband thinks it should be categorised under Reflection such as My Blogging Progress, Benefits of Public Transport, 2019 Resolution (Part 1 to 4), Mindshare etc. In fact I’ll consider today’s post as a reflection too.

Second reaction: Career (which consists of topics such as leadership, self-improvement, how to deal with corporate life etc), Investing and Technology are the next highest. So that shows that I’m working in the right industry, by right I mean that is where my heart is. Investing and Technology are both closely associated and I love exploring the intersection of both.

Third reaction: You know how they say “Title” is key for any article. Over time, I realised I spent more time thinking about the right “Title” for each post so I can actually see improvements in the titles. In other words, looking at my earlier posts, my titles were so lame.

Fourth reaction: I have always loved the topic of education. Like I mentioned in my About section, “good education is one of the key ingredients that got me to where I am today. Hence, I firmly vouch for #equaleducationopportunity for everyone”. But, I have only written 2 posts so far. Something is not quite right there. I would like to think that it is because I am not anywhere close to the industry, i.e. I am busy with my corporate life, my son and nephews are all still very young (the eldest just entered pre-school). The most frequent conversations I have about education, is when my best friend talks about her son’s life in public school. Yes I read and heard about the issues we have in our education system but I’m not fully aware in terms of the stats etc. I’m a data driven person and I learn a lot by doing/experience. I guess I will need to do more on my part. I will consciously keep myself close to this topic.

I’ll start by getting my hands dirty on the data posted in Malaysia Youth Data Bank System. I never knew it existed until my friend shared this to me. They even use Tableau to draw the charts, I must say I am impressed. I have used Tableau and I think it’s a great tool for analytics.

Secondly, let’s learn something from the best – China and US. I have tasted the US education system and it’s great, albeit there are some flaws in the schools too, but the system will make the younger generation more agile and flexible. China is super fast in leveraging technology to improve all their walks of life and that includes education. Of course, not to forget Singapore, Korea and Finland. Here’s some recent interesting articles:

1. Chinese university uses AI to check class attendance rates and find the reasons behind absenteeism

2. On the right track in Chicago

So there you go. A periodic review or stock-take of your work is actually a healthy exercise to ensure that you are on the right track and do not sway much from your vision.

Do let me know if you have any interesting topics that you would like me to talk about!

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