Week 12 Reflection (Part 2)

As I mentioned in my previous post, I chose to read about the development in New Zealand and other topical issues than read the book I’m currently reading. Ignoring the former would make me feel bloody ignorant just for the sake of ticking the boxes of my to-do-list.

Thinking about Christchurch shooting on 15 March 2019 is just too saddening. I braved myself to watch the video even though some people warned not to. As I mentioned in my last week’s post, the man shot the victims as if he is playing a video game. It’s insane.

But watching the videos of yesterday’s gathering at Hagley Park, where thousands gathered to show support and pay respect when Azan was broadcast, moved me. They come from different race, religion and beliefs. But together, they unite and put all the differences to mourn with the families of the victims. As Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said, “We are one”.

What has happened, it is not about racism or religion, it’s about humanity. Whatever religion you carry, you must always be kind and respect other people. I can’t help but to think of my son’s safety, it can happen anywhere and anytime, when everything is calm and composed. I have never been to New Zealand, but I could feel the serenity just by looking at the pictures and movies filmed there. Who would have thought a massacre as such can happen in the land of long white cloud.

To my dear son, Aariz, I hope that you will grow up to be kind and most importantly, embody the name that you carry, a respectable man. Know that human beings are all wired differently, grow up in different environment, carry different genes and so we must always understand their thinking behind what they say and do, their motivations and learn to respect the differences no matter how incomprehensible it can be sometimes.

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