Quotes from Invest Malaysia 2019

Some quotes from yesterday’s event Invest Malaysia 2019 that are worth remembering:

  • …embrace digital connectivity, use of data analytics and explore opportunities to build digital businesses [Tun M]
  • The rise and fall of nations depend heavily on the strengths of its institutions [Tun M]
  • Hard work, honesty, and a sense of shame at failure will spur us to give our best [Tun M]
  • Pay your workers better if you make more profits [Tun M]
  • Shared prosperity means that everyone benefits and such a situation is conducive for growth and stability [Tun M]
  • In ensuring the sustainability of our economy, we must increase productivity. This depends on quality workforce. Quality workforce depends on quality education. We want our human capital that is e-Ready and e-fit [Tun M]
  • …short term remedies are needed for the long haul [Tun M]
  • You don’t become unfriendly with big market (such as China) [Tun M]
  • Money saved must be invested in good assets that will appreciate in value such as gold, land, buildings [Tun M]
  • With the decreasing purchasing power today, your savings will dwindle faster if it isn’t invested [Tun M]
  • When you reach retirement age, you keep on working [Tun M]
  • A clean government will always outperform a corrupt government [LGE]
  • Need companies to be better, faster, cheaper in delivering great customer experience which are enabled by technology [Surina, CEO of MDEC]
  • Take a look at what you have that is unique to you (or your country) and develop from there [Ho Kwon Ping, Banyan Tree]

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