What to expect next week?

Today I decided to ask a friend of mine what to write about. She asked me to write about how I would expect to achieve next week so that by end of the week I can do a reflection of whether I get to achieve all those goals. Interesting I thought. So here goes.

Firstly, what to expect next week:

  • Clean up my CV and LinkedIn as I need to submit to CFA Society Malaysia for them to consider sharing my career story in their Career Guide book 2018/2019
  • Clean up my Facebook so that I can start sharing my blog on Facebook (I have not been active on Facebook for more than a year guys, I mean, what’s the point of having multiple social media platforms if you are not able to maintain it)
  • Meet up with a leader and share my next 10-year goals
  • Finish reading my 4th book for the year
  • Write about “reasons whether you should or should not do CFA exams” (been getting a lot of questions on this actually)

Ok there you go, that’s the plan for next week. Other than that, of course I have my own to-do-list for my primary work which is private and confidential, on top of my daily blogging.

Now how would I expect to achieve next week?

As per my son’s t-shirt below, no other way than “just kicking do it!” 


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