Week 11 Reflection

I would like to start my weekly reflection with Carla Harris’ famous quote, as below:

 “We are blessed, so that we can be a blessing to others.”

A great reminder to myself and hopefully to all of you too. Sometimes we complain about the mishaps that occur in our lives and we get stressed about it. But most of the time, all we need is just a few hours to spare to think about how to solve it or pay attention to it. Because if you really count your blessings, the good things that you have, far outweigh the difficulties.

I do complain too sometimes, I’m just a human being after all, but I have good companions that always remind me that “you have a great life”, alhamdulillah.

So let’s spread our blessings to others that in need! With the shooting that just happened in New Zealand, I cannot even begin to think how the families of the victims are currently feeling. What’s happening to the world? Where are the good people? How could this happen? If you watch that troubling video, that man is just so sick and insane, it’s like as if he’s in a game show.

I told my husband, maybe it’s the effect of playing games too much without any interaction with other people. The hard core games with lots of shooting. I told him, we shouldn’t encourage people to play games 24/7 and he said, playing games has nothing to do with knowing how to use guns. Well, maybe. But I can’t help to think that games contributed to it, at least an inception of idea. Sigh, why does terrorism exist? Al-fatihah to all the victims.



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