Week 10 Reflection

I used to strive for perfection at work. But sometimes, perfection causes delay and creates backlogs. A wise man once told me that, “progress is better than perfection”. That’s the spirit of people in China and one of the main reasons why they have progressed so much especially in terms of technology, to the extent that even beggars in China use WeChat Pay to get money. Produce, refine, reproduce, learn, refine and the cycle repeats.

Over the recent years, I have come to appreciation that perfection is the enemy of good. Having worked in a proof-of-concept project even more forces that shift in my mindset. You will never get it right the first time. The key is to just launch/produce/go with it, learn from the preliminary results – what worked and what not, solicit feedback, refine and do it multiple times.

I then realized that the concept should apply to my blog too. I keep delaying to launch. But really, there can never be a perfect timing. The earlier I launch, the earlier I get feedback (hopefully) and the faster I learn on what to refine, what more to write (and not), sharpen my thinking and simultaneously increase my knowledge in the topics I talk about. So yesterday’s post felt timely and I hit the launch button. One thing I hope is that now that my blog is publicly known, I don’t think too much of what people are going to think/say. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and so do I.

Welcome to my space everyone. Do drop comments whenever you have the urge to do so!

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