Motivation for today

Just came across another interesting blog through Fred Wilson. The blog belongs to Howard Lindzon, who is fairly well known in the investment and tech industry too. He is the co-founder of StockTwits, the social media platform for finance. The most interesting part of him that got me inspired is the fact he also blogs regularly, almost daily and he has been doing that for more than 10 years.

And guess who inspired him to write? Fred Wilson, the man who inspired me to start this blog too. But now thanks to Howard, I can’t wait to launch my blog and I might launch it sooner than expected.

I realized Howard has his niche too as you can tell from his tagline – Investing for Profit & Joy. Tagline is important, as highlighted in Million Dollar Blog book too. It gives people a glimpse of what your website/blog is about. There’s a reason why WordPress created a Tagline box for us to fill. My current tagline is “My Daily Musings” and I’m thinking of changing it. Any ideas?

Through Howard, I also stumbled upon another website called Pando, who writes about start-ups mainly in Silicon Valley, founded by Sarah Lucy who used to be columnist at TechCrunch. She does interviews as well. The similarities between these owners are they are so passionate about what they talk about and blogging helps them to think better and be accountable of their own opinion/decisions.

I’m so glad I found the desire and determination to do this, although I’m still very early in the game. I hope one day Fred and Howard will know how they have inspired me. Through this blog also I hope that more Malaysians especially the younger generation will start blogging, create digital content and ultimately their personal brand. Show the world that we are serious about what we do, we do productive things, we are educated and motivated.

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