Tips to finish reading a book

Just finished reading my 2nd book for the year! Definitely on the roll.

Tips to finish reading a book (especially for those that find it difficult, like me):

  1. Choose the book that is useful/beneficial for you at that point in time, not a book that you think may be interesting for you. If you choose the latter, you will not have the drive to finish it especially if the content is very dry
  2. Commit to a small and realistic goal. So in my case, I told myself that I must finish reading 1 book each quarter. When I think about it, it’s like 1 book in 3 months. How busy can I be that I couldn’t do it? But anyway that wasn’t my problem, my problem is I like to read many books at once because I get bored easily but most of the time I end up reading the 1st 2 chapters only.

The tips above may seem trivial to you. But until you practice it, you will not feel the power of it.

The last few chapters of my 2nd book really hit me and increased my confidence in keeping up with blogging momentum. Some related excerpts, as follows:

  1. Get writing, get creating content, make it a priority and just sit down and do it
  2. No room for excuses – “I’m busy, I’m not feeling my best etc”. Need to acquire a “this is happening right now” mentality and make it a priority. Get up at 5am. Stop watching TV. Prioritise.¬†

It is very true, I can attest to it because that’s what I’ve been doing. The only time I can blog is early in the morning. So I wake up early everyday. Although I wish I can wake up earlier so that I can spend more time creating more quality content. Most of the time it’s just whatever is in my mind. Hope you find these useful too.

Moving on to my 3rd book for the year!

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