Week 9 Reflection

I had a conversation with my high school friend this week about how we used to be more out there in the online world when we were in university. I remember my blog during uni days was public and I actually didn’t care so much about what people are going to say about what I write. And then as years passed by, we became more introvert and less expressive online. I wish I had more guts back then.

I still am trying to be more expressive both online and offline. The latter is still a challenge to me. Sometimes I feel the environment can limit our true potential no matter how hard we try.

Anyway, I had a pretty good week, albeit felt short. On my personal side, the highlight was the celebration of my husband’s birthday which fell on Tuesday. We didn’t go out to celebrate as my husband was tight with work, but I bought 5 cupcakes instead and managed to end his day singing a birthday song and blowing the big 3 and small 2 candles. I wanted to make a tradition for my family that no matter how busy we are, we should always blow a cake on the birthday itself.

On my professional side, I had the realization that I was very comfortable managing internal stakeholders. I mean I actually enjoy doing it. I thrive working in a cross-functional team. I like to gather people together to accomplish things. I guess that’s the leadership side of me. Making everyone is aligned is big challenge, but it’s a nice challenge especially if everyone is cooperative. It becomes a pain when you have to deal with people who think they are always right and engagement before and after meeting is a waste of time.

I have also been gazing on this idea on how to build my presence online, thanks to the “million dollar blog” book and my high school friend who’s trying to be my blog consultant. The more I write, the more I am eager to write and it really feels like there’s no turning back. I also can see more clearly the topics that I want to focus on. It’s like I’m discovering myself and my interest.

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