1st achievement unlocked for 2019

As of yesterday, I have successfully finished reading a book (end-to-end). My goal is to finish reading a book every quarter. It’s so easy to read a lot of books but to finish reading it is a challenge for me as I get attracted to other books easily. So I have met my target and now I’m moving on to another book. I still have 1 more month to go before the end of 1Q 2019. So if I can finish reading another book, I would have exceeded my goal. Well, then the difficult part is to stick to the momentum because the real deal is to finish reading 4 books in 2019 (1 book per quarter).

Anyway, the book that I had just finished reading was “Act like a leader, Think like a leader”. Mentioned it a couple of times in my previous posts  on 17 Feb , 18 Feb and 21 Feb. I have to say it is the best leadership book I’ve read so far – very practical. If I have the chance, I would sign up for the leadership course by Professor Herminia Ibarra who is currently teaching at LBS.

If you are on a trajectory of being a leader, I would highly recommend you to read this book. I don’t think I’ve finished reading a book this fast. And it currently has the most highlights among all the books I have on my kindle. Will talk more about it the next time.

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