So husband is liking to the idea of staycation, which as defined above going for a holiday in Kuala Lumpur (“KL”), and potentially outside KL. He used to reject my idea of staycation because (1) he thinks it’s a waste of money and (2) our house feels like a resort already (to us). But to me, being away from home and being in a new environment which has elements of quietness, calmness and relaxation makes a huge difference to your mental and emotional state. It’s a psychological effect. It makes you feel relaxed and not think of work. And the best part is, you get to spend quality time together.

So it’s an achievement unlocked for me as I managed to change my husband’s perception of a staycation and he doesn’t mind doing it again. But if it’s more than one night, it can’t be just the 2 of us. Don’t think we can bear not having our son by our side by more than 24 hours thinking that he’s just 30 minutes away from us.

Till the next staycation!


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