Chaos in the morning

Sometimes I wonder how other households are doing every morning before they go to work/school.

I had this conversation before with my friend, a working mother of 2, has 2 maids. She told me that chaos in the morning is normal. No matter how early you wake up to be prepared, there will be some chaos. “Where is the key?”, “why is my shirt not ironed properly?”, “where is my water bottle”, where this where that. And I only have 1 kid and I have a maid.

It would be nice if there’s a reality show on this. Makes us wives/mothers feel better. As much as I love my family, hopping onto the train or getting into the office after all the chaos in the morning, is something that I look forward to, to be zen and calm, away from the chaos.

*turns on favourite coffeehouse playlist on Spotify*

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