Privacy Policy Update

Whenever you receive this kind of email, do not dismiss it. I would advise you to read the policy update.

As a customer, you are responsible for your own data. So you should know how the companies are using or intend to use your personal data.

I may be conflicting myself by saying this given that I’m looking at data analytics project and I would want as much data as possible so that I understand the customers better. But putting my customer’s hat, I believe that it is our right as customers to know who, what and how companies are using my data – more importantly, to whom they intend to share your data to. It’s about not being negligence and protecting  yourself when shit happens. Because like it or not, not all companies are ethical in this area. As long as they can monetize the data, they will grab it.

So for your own benefit/awareness, please read the Policy Update.

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