Benefits of public transport

I think a lot of people take for granted with our country’s public transportations (particularly the LRT), myself included. We complain that the coach is not long enough. We complain that it is not frequent enough. Blablabla. It’s never going to be good enough. As an avid user, I’m generally happy with the LRT. The only thing that RapidKL should look into rectifying immediately is predicting train faults better so that they can preempt the users much earlier to avoid chaos and anger among the users.

Yesterday morning was one of the chaotic days. One of the trains broke down and it’s between Kelana Jaya and KLCC, the most frequently used route in the morning. Someone actually tweeted, “Thanks to RapidKL LRT, thousands of Malaysians are gonna be super late for work”.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to take the LRT because husband is heading towards my office too so I car-pooled with him. But that didn’t prevent us from being impacted by the chaos caused by LRT. A lot of them decided to Grab instead and that invited more cars on the road and hence traffic was a lot heavier than usual. It’s a domino effect.

So we were 40 minutes late. It got me into thinking. While we complain that our public transport is not good enough, without it, traffic will be a lot lot worse and that will just make Malaysians grumpy everyday they get to work. So that’s something that we Malaysians should be grateful of. And to be fair, the train faults do not happen often. Having said that, I still think RapidKL should do something about train faults prediction so that we can be better informed and hence plan our journey to work better.

I’m riding the LRT now while writing this post. One of the reasons why I like taking the LRT. I get my quiet time, to read, write, listen to music, watch YouTube, observe, reflect. 🙂

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