Act like a leader, think like a leader

I don’t necessarily agree to all the things the leader mentioned to me on Friday. But there’s one thing he said that got me acted upon it immediately (by immediate I mean today). He asked if I have any favourite books on leadership. I couldn’t answer. So he said to me that if you are thinking of becoming a leader, you have to start putting things into action, for example start reading books about leadership.

And I think I have found the right book. It’s called “Act like a leader, think like a leader”. It’s not just about the content but also about the author, Herminia Ibarra. She’s highly experienced in transforming managers into leaders. She’s currently a professor at LBS. Prior to that she was a professor at INSEAD, and the part that I like most about her career was that she taught for 13 years at HBS. So reading her book is like attending her lecture. Not exactly the same but you know, at least something.

I have only read 12% of the book (it has slightly above 200 pages), but I’ve been highlighting on kindle almost every other paragraph. It’s relatable and extremely useful for me. In fact the book hit some of the points highlighted to me, about me, by the leader which is why I am really curious to know how to deal with it.

Will share more about it the next time but for now, I’m going to continue reading it. It may very well be the first book that I’ll finish reading for this year.

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