Week 7 Reflection

Had an hour conversation with one of the leaders at work yesterday.

It got me thinking. People know me as someone who graduated from LSE, MIT, a CFA charterholder and used to be in the MD’s office. And that’s something that I don’t want to be remembered me of. At least not the only thing. I want people to recognize what I’m good at. Sure, it did translate into promotion, salary increment, bonus etc. Just on salary, my annual growth rate over the last 8 years since I started working in this organization is about 20% p.a. This is of course assuming that the salary is your free cash flow which in actual fact it is not. Just like investing, high risk high return and vice versa, low risk low return. So I’ve taken a lot of risk, the moment I decided to enter this organization I knew it didn’t come with sacrifice in terms of time and effort and so far it has garnered me that amount of return. I can’t say it’s purely my own hardwork. It’s a combination of hardwork, luck, opportunity and of course God’s and family’s blessings.

But I realized that I’ve come to a point where if I don’t do something about my current weakness, my returns will eventually be plateaued or the growth rate will decrease. I’ve always relied on my strengths which worked well in the last 8 years, but going forward, to get to where I want to be in 10 years time, I need to learn how to work on my weakness. As the leader pointed out, it can be learned. Learning is a continuous process anyway and that’s part of my DNA – I have always had the learning agility in me.

And then for some reason, I stumbled upon Caprice’s instagram and youtube, a Malaysian rapper who is now trying to reinvent education. He has been to over 200 schools to give motivational talks to students. And he’s now an entrepreneur – he has his own talk show, he created classruum.com an online platform for students to connect with anyone who has the knowledge and expertise. Sounds like something I have envisioned before. I have always believed in education. Education has brought me to where I am today. and it is vital for everyone to have the equal opportunity to learn. You don’t need to be an A student all the time. When it comes to work, we all need a mixture of A student and C student even to get things done because there’s a lot of element – the technical bit, the financial, the people, the emotional bit, the street smart kind of problems. But you need to have some basic form of education in order to live your life and not become a disappointment to your family or nation. I realized the mentality of people without education is just very different. Some turned out alright but most of them, their mindset is just beyond impossible and ridiculous.

Anyway, not sure where I’m going at with this post. Just merely a reflection. And I guess a reminder for me to start putting things into work if I want to achieve my dream in 10 years time.


  1. Learnography says:

    Reflection is interesting. Classroom should be launched as the workplace of knowledge transfer and brainpage development. Thanks for the writing

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