About Aariz

My observations of him so far.

  • Aariz is independent. He likes to do things by himself.
  • Aariz likes to eat fruits. All kinds of fruits.
  • Aariz said his first 2-word sentence this week – “wear shoes”
  • Aariz likes thrills. He likes to do “free fall” stunts.
  • Aariz is not afraid to dip himself in the pool/bath tub full of water. He likes to lay back in the water.
  • Aariz needs to watch something while he eats his meals otherwise he will not eat.
  • Aariz always greets his loved ones by asking him to be carried and then he will pat her/his back for awhile.
  • Aariz thinks everything round is a ball, including orange – “ball, ball, ball”.
  • Aariz prefers to demolish things than build things.
  • Aariz is very cheeky. The more you tell him not to do, the more he will do it happily.
  • Aariz likes to bully his cousin. He just won’t share his toys with his cousin. He gets jealous easily if his loved ones carry his cousin.
  • Aariz knows how to console me when I cry. He will come to me and hug me or starts crying too.

I could go on, but there’s no ending to this list. It’s so fascinating to observe you, Aariz and I will continue doing that.

I love you Aariz and I can’t wait for you to say, “I love you too, Mummy”.

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