Grab Rewards

It’s just one of those days where I feel very lethargic even after drinking coffee and wearing make up etc. My son woke up every other hour last night to drink so my sleep was highly interrupted. Took a ride with husband this morning all the way to work, so that’s about an hour drive, and I felt like sleeping the whole journey. Normally we would have series of conversations but today it was more of the radio talking. My brain just wanted to shut down. But I need to feel productive because I have quite a few important things to be done at work today. So I decided to treat myself with a free juice from Juice Works by using my points from Grab.

The Grab Rewards system is very addictive I have to say especially for Platinum members like me. I used to have 10,000 points and I didn’t want to purchase any reward simply because I wanted to maintain the exclusiveness of being a Platinum member mainly as a GrabCar user. I feel honoured when my bookings are prioritized. But I was wrong. Using points will not make you lose your Platinum title. So if you have lots of points, you should continue to earn and burn the points to your benefit. So that’s what I’ve been doing. Sometimes, if I feel like having a nice drink after lunch or in the morning, I’ll just use my points. It’s a nice feeling to have it for free especially when I’m very cost conscious these days. Because I use Grab a lot especially GrabCar and GrabFood, I earn points easily and in fact more than non-Platinum members, so I burn the points from time to time and that makes my points in my account to be around 5000-6000 on average all the time.

It’s a privilege to be Grab’s Platinum member. It’s really easy money for Grab because they don’t have competition in Malaysia, well except for the local MyCar but I don’t see MyCar being a competitor to Grab. They are very slow, customers still have to pay the drivers by cash. We are moving towards a cashless world, so until they fix their payment system, Grab will still be Malaysia’s number 1 choice. Financially, I’m not sure, as they are burning money a lot too with all the free delivery rewards, free F&B rewards etc.  But whatever it is, I’m a happy customer.

So today, I burned 600 points and got myself a free junior drink from JuiceWorks. Limited choice of juice to pick and smallest size cup – but it’s perfect for me. And now I’m all pumped-up and ready to go through the day. Have a great day guys.

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