My reading progress

I don’t have much time to blog today because I woke up late but I really want to write something before I leave for work, otherwise I will never get it done.

So I thought maybe I should give an update on the status of my current read. It’s good to also do a sanity check once in a while to ensure that I am on track to meet one of my goals for the year, as I mentioned before here.

To date, I have bought 3 books as follows:

  • Stay the course, the story of Vanguard and the Index Revolution; by John C Bogle
  • Asset management, a systematic approach to factor investing; by Andrew Ang
  • Bad Blood, secrets and lies in a Silicon Valley Startup, by John Carreyrou

And so far, I have not finished any.  The progress is as follows:

% of pagesnumber of pages read

[Note: I can do this stats easily because I read on Kindle which I have it on my iPhone and Kindle captures all these numbers. I really like to read on Kindle as I feel it’s more effective in making sure I read whenever I have the time. Plus I can highlight what I feel is important, search and go back to the pages I wanted to refer to, hit dictionary button to understand the meaning of some words I don’t know etc.]

In total, I have read 149 pages. But I have not finished reading any book which was my ultimate goal – to finish reading 1 book in each quarter because I have a habit of reading only the first few chapters of a book. I have not even finished a 3rd of the first book I started reading for the year, which is Stay the Course. I told myself not to buy a new book until I actually finish one book, but gah, it is so difficult! And I just stumbled on another 2 books that I’m dying to read.

It’s already the mid-feb, which means I’m only left with 6 more weeks to finish one book. I have to ‘stay the course”.

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