50 emails a day

You know how nowadays we easily get promotional emails if you sign up as a member so that you get points for every purchases? Then they will keep sending emails to you to remind you what’s new in their store or what sale they have at the moment. Sometimes it can get too many/frequent that I get really annoyed. I usually don’t open them I just ignore them. That’s why whenever I make any purchases now and being requested to fill up a form, I declined, unless I’m going to be their loyal customer.

Not just marketing emails, I also get a lot of emails on summary of today’s news – Quartz, Bloomberg, The Edge, FT etc. When I get too busy I tend to just ignore them and read selectively. Same goes to my work email, I receive at least 9 emails on news in just one day. So number of unread emails can easily go up to at 50 in a day. Now I’m using Microsoft 365 at work and outlook has kindly grouped my emails into Focused and Others. It’s quite similar to Gmail where you can easily group your emails into promotional or not. So that actually helps you to clear your inbox faster. But you will still see the (X) number of unread emails on your phone/outlook. It’s annoying.

So I will always try to make sure that everyday, the number in total does not exceed 50. Sometimes I just delete without even reading it. I started this habit late last year. It really helps to clear your mind by doing that everyday. You should try it too. I’m going to aim to reduce it to 20. My husband is worse, he will always make sure it is 0.

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