Week 6 Reflection

Felt like yesterday I just reflected on Week 5. Now I’m onto Week 6.

It was a very short working week. So it’s a mixture of family time and work time. Husband was not well so we only stayed at home and my mom stayed at my place over the past few days. The long holiday wasn’t eventful but it was still fulfilling. Husband and I talked about gratitude. He expressed to me what he’s grateful of. I was really touched. Maybe because I took care of him very well when he was sick haha.

Once in a while, it’s nice to actually say what we are grateful of and express our gratitude to the people we love. It makes us feel hopeful, inspired, contented with what we have and most importantly loved.

The road was very clear too. Most people were still on leave and schools were closed the whole week. If only we get to experience the light traffic and less chaotic road every day. It really saves a lot of time to go from one point to another. Driving feels relaxing too. But I don’t see it happening any time in the future, even with the MRT, most people still opt to drive. I guess that’s what makes a city unique. People sort of get used to the hustle bustle of living a city. It makes them thrive sometimes.

I realized something over at work too. It increases the confidence in my view that technologies complement human more than merely replacing them. No matter how mechanical your design is, some things just can’t be executed without human’s decision. A case in point, there’s a window and perfect timing for you to execute a trade at the desired price, as you have been prompted by the alerts you set automatically. But what if, you still need your boss to say OK and he/she is on a few hours of flight that by the time he/she lands, the market is closed? You missed the opportunity. It’s probably not the best example as this could have been improved by a better process/back-up plan such as 2nd person in command etc, but the point is, you can set all the alerts you want on email, on phone but if the person in charge is hibernating, what’s the point of having great technologies? Will talk more on this topic some other time.

Have a good weekend guys.

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