This time 2 years ago, husband and I created another sweet memory for us. We were still in Boston, husband was about to head back home to Malaysia in the next few days, so we decided to barge in the cold weather and thick snow to join the parade through Boston by the Patriots after winning the Super Bowl 2017. According to my husband, we are here when the history is made, we have to see the parade. I echoed him, but truth is, I did want to go too because come on, who doesn’t want to see Tom Brady live? 2017 game was epic, it was a close and tough one. Who knew they could win, when there wasn’t a glimpse of winning even after the 1st half of the game. Anyway, it was definitely memorable for us.

This year, exactly yesterday, the Patriots did it again. We didn’t watch the game but the score indicates it’s an easy game, 3 (Los Angeles Rams) vs. 13 (New England Patriots). And of course, Tom Brady is mainly being celebrated as he captured his sixth Super Bowl ring. He’s 41, so good looking (both face and body), has a beautiful wife and 3 adorable kids and being considered as the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

Hence he is called the GOAT – Greatest of All Time. What a successful career he has. I’m sure there’s a few things we can learn from him, that can be applied in our career. Football or cook, painter or hedge fund manager. Found a few articles about him (links below). Have a read and let’s learn something from this GOAT.

  1. 5 lessons we can all learn from Tom Brady
  2. 5 career lessons we can learn from Tom Brady
  3. Don’t call me GOAT. It makes ‘cringe’
  4. How Tom Brady’s love of sport and family has kept him on top

Ahh, so inspiring.

One thing is for sure – determination pays.

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