Week 5 Reflection

As I reflect upon this week’s experiences, there is one word in common that I would like to draw upon.


Trust is not a commodity, one that can be earned or traded easily. It’s a luxury product. Even money can’t buy it actually. Trust needs to be earned. If you want to be trusted, you need to be willing to spend the time and effort to mould it. It definitely can’t happen overnight. But more often than not, you need to believe you have the trust before you get/see the actual results because you just can’t simply wait for it. I guess it’s more of a faith and take chances/risk. But the party who is giving the trust needs to give reassurances, it’s the initial part of moulding trust, but also a continuous process. Once the trust is developed, each party just needs to stop worrying, get on with it and prove that you are trustworthy. It’s easier said than done huh?

Anyway, let’s move on to Aariz’s development. He has shown a steep progress in his speech development this week, from 1 word to 6 words. Mama to things like “what’s this”, “ball”, “shoes”, “nak nak nak”, “papa”. Can’t wait for him to say more words. Research shows by 18 months he should at least say 20 words. and he just turned 15 months yesterday. So we’ll see.

But I have to say I’m very proud of his level of independence. He always wants to do things himself, but he also knows when to reach out for help. I’m particularly intrigued at what he does the moment we say “let’s go out’. He would go to the front door, sit down, take his shoes and tries to wear it himself. He must have been observing us or maybe it’s also the collection of memories as I continuously explain to him all the things we do.  I guess that effort pays, and I’m starting to see the results. I will keep on talking to him, like an adult.

I realised Aariz observes a lot too. He will observe first before he does it. I guess he is the type of person who learns by observing. Sometimes he will apply the concept of ‘test and learn’ which I think he should have since young until he grows up. Just yesterday, he kept looking at the big boys in the neighbourhood play basketball. After a few minutes, he walked to the centre of the court, confidently.  Of course I had to take him back because it’s dangerous for him to play with the big boys. One day Aariz. One fine day.

Oh my baby boy is growing so fast.

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