Happy 45th birthday KL

It’s Federal Territory Day today, so it’s a public holiday for those who work in KL, myself included.

In fact it’s a start of a super long weekend as next Tues and Wed are public holidays because of Chinese New Year celebration. So most of us are taking the Monday off, including me and husband.

No plans made although we initially thought of going for a beach holiday in Cherating, which is not too far from KL. But we were both swamped with work so decided not to commit to any paid plans. So it’s just going to be a chill break, exploring the malls or fun places around here with my lil family. We’ll see. The road is going to be clear anyway so it will be nice to drive around. I hope I get to finish the book that I’m currently reading so that I can move on to the next book. Itching to read Bad Blood, the best business book in 2018.

Ok Aariz is up and running, making a mess in the house. I should play with him and keep an eye on him.

Happy long weekend everyone and be safe wherever you are.

And to my beloved state, Kuala Lumpur – happy 45th birthday!

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