Microsoft 365

If you don’t have it already, please subscribe to it as soon as possible, especially at corporate level. Get your organization to upgrade and get the premium Office applications. Hats off to our MD, just half a year helming the fort and every employee has Microsoft 365 installed in their work laptops already. Now we just need to make sure everyone uses all the applications, especially Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. Even our MD uses it.

Microsoft Teams works like Slack and Slack is already feeling threatened, as highlighted in this FT article.


SharePoint works tremendously like DropBox. Your files will uploaded on Cloud and your team can access the files anywhere and at anytime. You don’t need a VPN to connect to LAN to access files. The best part is, you can easily track the changes made by your team members while they are on it or after. It saves a lot of review team especially when you have a deadline to adhere to. If there are 3 people working on a slide, all the 3 of you can amend the same slide together simultaneously and you can literally see what the other 2 people are changing. It’s amazing, provided you have good internet connection.

You need to use both to feel the power of efficiency and productivity it gives you and your team.

Microsoft has also up their game in their basic applications such as Excel, PPT etc. I realised the other day, you can create Waterfall Chart and Country Map with a just click, which I thought only Tableau or PowerBi has it.

Feels so good to be upgraded and updated to the latest technology.

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