Persistence beats intensity

I still follow Erik Brynjolfsson’s (my MIT professor) continuous work/research on the progress of ML and the impact on future jobs and economy. It’s a topic of my interest. If you are interested with this topic, I would recommend you read his books and articles and watch his videos. Just google him up!

Anyway, he recently retweeted this:


It’s a tweet by Rachel Thomas, co-founder of and professor at USCFA. She highlighted the following:



I couldn’t agree more.

That’s how I mastered my CFA materials. I started revision early. The same concept applies for work too. The problem is that, people do not know exactly what they want to do and they are easily distracted by other people’s work and achievements (grass is always greener on the other side) and they end up not mastering at work. People often thought just by reading a book or an article or having a conversation with experts, they have figured out the world (I feel that too sometimes unfortunately). How do you think I mastered Excel and Bloomberg? I used it rigorously every day since I started work. And I’ve been working for almost a decade. Even then I feel that my skills have tarnished because I get to delegate the work to the juniors so I don’t use it as heavy as before.

This is exactly the point of ‘noise’ by Daniel Kahneman, as I highlighted before in my previous post.

Persistence beats intensity. Your brain can’t take the intensity in the longer run and by doing so you create a lot of ‘noise’.

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