Own company

If I have my own company, it would most likely be the following:

  • Education fund; or
  • VC – nurturing start-ups in education space, big data/AI, retail selling women/kids products (essentially products that I can understand); or
  • STEM School (too big of a dream huh?)

I realized over the recent years, my interests have not changed. And I have always wonder, if I have a lot money, would I start my own company? I know starting a business not necessarily requires a lot of money. But starting a business carries a lot of risks. I don’t have enough buffer yet to experience a J-curve in my life. I think the thought of having my own company is mainly to have the freedom to drive the people and business towards achieving my dream. This is something that is very impossible to do in a large institution, especially the ones linked to the government when the possibility of changing priorities is imminent.

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