Week 4 Reflection

I love Saturdays. It makes me feel I have a long day to cuddle Aariz. Been busy this past few days, leaving office earlier and coming back slightly later than usual. Which means, I didn’t get to play with Aariz in the morning before I go to work and get to play with him only for awhile after work.

I realised one thing new about Aariz this week – when it was time to go home from my in laws, Aariz refused to follow me, each time my fil passed him to me, he would turn back and hugged my fil even tighter. Yes Aariz is very attached to my fil and sometimes bil when he’s back early, which is a good thing it’s just that sometimes it makes me feel as if I have not spending enough time with him that he prefers to play with his grandfather. Or maybe he has entered into the phase where he just loves playing and doesn’t want to go to bed early.

Hopefully next week I get to go back to my normal routine where I get to see him waves at me and gives me flying kiss before I go to work. The feeling is just magical knowing that he understands that I have to work and will be coming back in the evening. You are definitely my major source of motivation, Aariz. ❤️

On another note, I achieved my goal of the week. Now let’s wait for next week. Will be meeting the leader I spoke about last week.

I also discovered that it can get very chaotic for an organisation to go through a transition period if everyone is not aligned and then being asked to think of how to do rather than being told of what to do. Empowerment is good but I’m not sure if it works for all especially at the start of transition where everyone is just figuring out what to do. I supposed it’s part of being agile too – just do it first, learn from it, and refine later. But while you don’t need to get the first time right, you do need to be aware that every decision made now will have consequences and I hope by the time we refine, it’s not too late.

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