Stick together

I am thankful that I have a few close friends who share similar aspirations of wanting to be a successful career woman. We understand the journey, we understand the need for us to be one, we understand what we need to do to be one, and most importantly, we understand why we need to be one. So, we celebrate our small wins together and happy for each other. If anything we will just push ourselves to be better.

I believe that women who want to be successful in career especially in male-denominated industry, should stick together, learn and exchange experiences together, instead of competing against each other. To me, you are your only competition. Yes, we understand that we all may have a different pace as we all have different paths, but that’s ok because we all have our own personal goals, responsibilities and issues too. Some may take 3 years to get from middle management to senior management while growing their own family by 2, while some may take 5 years but growing their family by 4 instead. How fast you get there shouldn’t be the yardstick of success.

Just yesterday, a friend of mine shared her desire to improve on her communication skills and that’s something I’m working on too. So we said let’s work on it together.

This is what I meant by sticking together.

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