I realized I don’t group my postings by category. I think it’s a good habit that I should start. It helps to be disciplined in terms of what I write and be clear on the subjects that are dear to me or rather, I have very strong opinion about. Because I really don’t want this blog to be another junk, a journal where I just throw out whatever that pops into my head. It has to have a purpose. Based on my previous posts, I think I should start categorising them in the following manner:

  1. Corporate life
  2. Life lessons
  3. Parenting
  4. Working mom/woman in general
  5. Investing
  6. Education
  7. Data analytics
  8. Trends and technology-related
  9. Book review
  10. Weekly reflections

Ok there you go. 10 is a nice number. Now I wish wordpress can automatically assign all the previous posts accordingly.

Category 4 is something that my husband thought I should be sharing given that I am now a working mom and I do have my fair share of views on this so maybe I’ll make it a point to write on a weekly basis.

Category 6 and 7 are definitely of my interests which I would like to advocate to the younger people out there. So need to write more about it.

Category 9 is something that I just thought of, just to push myself to actually finish reading a particular book before jumping onto the other one. I’m doing it already and inching to get a 3rd book for the year without finishing the first 2.

So let’s talk about category 9 today. Here’s a few excerpts from the book ‘Stay the course’ which I am currently reading, which I thought are interesting:

  1. “A man cannot serve two masters” – very true and I can totally relate to that. At work, we use the term ‘monk’ and whenever the projects have more than 1 monk, things just fall apart. At the end of the day, who makes the final decision? Who is accountable to push through the project when there’s hiccups?
  2. “Innovations without precedent, however, no matter how sensible and logical, are rarely able to win the approval of conservative directors” – speaking of radical ideas, if you are running a start up, maybe easier for you to implement but not when you have almost retiring/retired board of directors
  3. “The board would adopt the option least disruptive to the status quo”
  4. “The guiding star of “stay the course” again proved to be an essential aspect of my ability to surmount challenges; weathering the heartaches and the disappointments of the years”– easier said than that, so much respect to John Bogel to be able to stay the course
  5. “Anyone with a new idea must expect to be greeted with skepticism, followed by condemnation and attack when the idea becomes reality” – so don’t be afraid to share your idea, no idea is a bad idea until it is being executed
  6. “We must never underrate the power of compounding investment returns, and always avoid the tyranny of compounding investment costs” – we know but we never follow haha

Ok I should stop now before Aariz wakes up. I need to do some tagging first.

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