Talent, tech, trends and culture

As a mom, there will be days when you just can’t meet the time you set to wake up and that’s ok. I’ve learned that there’s no point being stressed about it. This morning, Aariz woke up more frequent than usual and sometimes I think he was just having a bad dream but nursing helped to calm him down. So when I’m nursing, I literally can’t do anything else, except playing with my phone. So I could try blogging while nursing since wordpress has an app. But I just thought it’s more relaxing to nurse him until he is fully satisfied and then only blog. So here I am. He is sleeping peacefully and I get to blog peacefully. and I only have 15 minutes at most because I have to leave for office earlier.

Anyway, I would like to share the podcast I listened to recently. It’s a 40 minute interview with Marc Andreesen and Ben Horowitz, both well known in the VC and tech industry, especially in the US. It’s about talent, tech, trends and culture. I really enjoyed listening to it on my 40 minute LRT ride from home to work, few days ago. It’s educational and entertaining.

They talk about their prediction on which technology will become contemporary or part of our daily lives, be it at personal or professional level, eventhough now it seems complex that majority of us have the visibility of the practicality. For example, blockchain. They also talk about how scarce talent is, a topic which I am fully aware of and experience it too.

That’s the educational part.

The entertaining part of the podcast is how fast they speak. Especially Marc. He speaks like a robot and everything that came out of his mouth are all substance. Something that I would like to improve on. I guess it’s a topic that’s close to their hearts and they talk about it on daily basis.

Try listening to it! If you are interested about talent, tech, trends and culture!

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