Was browsing through Bethany Crystal’s blog, as recommended by Fred Wilson in his post today, and I got interested with her post on “the artistry of consistency”. You can read it here.

Being consistent is one of the main reasons I want to blog everyday. In this day where you are flushed with a variety of content (on instagram, youtube, netflix etc), you can get easily distracted and you end up not achieving what you plan for the day. The one thing you have done is you browsed through the social media. But what is it that you learn or get out of it?

This is my 16th day of blogging daily, so it’s a new record for me. I have to say, I get motivated to wake up to do this. I’ll perform my subuh prayer and then I’ll blog. Doing this consistently, makes me feel that I’ve started my day right. Instead of waking up to your phone and hit the instagram button. It’s a bad habit, honestly.

Start you day right, guys! Even if shit happens during the day, it is ok, that’s life, doesn’t mean you start your day right, you get everything planned out perfectly. But at least when you reflect before you go to bed, you know you have done something right.


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