Cooking is like love

Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.” — Harriet Van Horne —

I never really loved cooking, but I definitely love eating, especially Malay food. I started to cook by myself when I was in my undergrad in London. There’s no way I can find home-cooked food like my mom’s which was to me, the best. So back then, the spirit was just to cook to satisfy my cravings.

Ever since I got married, 4 years ago, things started to change. I view cooking as one of the ways I show my love to my husband. But that’s because he also enjoys eating and he is very particular about how good the food is. Partly because he was spoilt (in a good way) by his mom, i.e. my mil. She’s a very good cook and she loves cooking for her family and my husband especially always look forward to her cooking.

When we were in Boston, I’ve had more time to actually cook for him on a daily basis. And I really enjoyed it especially when he said it is finger-licking good. Now that we are back in KL, working full-time, there’s no way I get to cook everyday but I would try my very best to cook at least once a week.

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-12 at 8.07.44 PM.jpeg

I cooked this (see picture above) yesterday and was really satisfied when he said it’s really good. I realized I actually love cooking, for my husband, for Aariz and future kids. Aariz can’t appreciate my cooking now, so hopefully one day he will. And this will be one of my retirement dreams.

Stay at home, cook for family. Go the US when Aariz goes to uni there (insyaAllah, amin!) and cook for him because it’s not easy to find Malaysian food there, until he’s annoyed that I’m there with him too long that he got embarrassed. But I’m pretty sure his friends would want to eat my food too!

Speaking of retirement dreams, I have other dreams too, but that will be a topic for some other day.

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