Week 2 Reflection

Week 2 was about:

    Calibrating past and current info to make decisions about the future
    Observing the interactions between senior management
    Choosing the right time to speak
    Being transparent is key when the decisions you make affects other divisions, so it’s important to engage during the decision making process, not after the decision has been made

Key takeaways or puzzling questions I have are:

    Why does one has to be in the same group to be aligned and collaborative? Working in a cross-functional team is difficult if at the end of the day each rep goes back to their own team and execute differently. Is it about turf? Is it about being protective of your own team like how one would always protect your own family members no matter how wrong they can be?
    Managing stakeholders is key as you go higher up in your career. You can have all the data at the back of your mind, but when it comes to execution, it’s about luck, opportunities available, external factors beyond our control and our own capabilities. So it’s important to understand from other people’s lens how they think the reality is when it comes to execution.
    Everyone has their own belief and judgement. If you have a strong view/opinion, just make a stance and stick to it, until you are proven wrong. And that’s ok, as long as you admit you are wrong and understand why you are wrong so that you make wiser decisions or better bets the next time.

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