11th day of posting daily

After 11 days, I really find that the best time to blog is early in the morning, after performing my subuh. It is very refreshing. The mindset that I have now is that it’s ok if I just do a short post, as long as I post something, at least until I get into a habit. It’s only the 11th day so it’s still too early for me to say that I’m ingrained to it.

In April 2017, when I first started and had the aspiration to blog daily, I managed to do it only up to the 10th day. Then I continued in May 2017, for another 13 days consecutively. 2018 was a total failure. So, we’ll see if I could create a new record this year.

I could be more creative and use Friday (or some other days) to talk about the same topic on a weekly basis, or as what a typical Malaysian would do, just copy what the US people do. Fred Wilson uses Friday to post video of the week. Maybe I could do that too?

Tomorrow is a Saturday so I’m going to write my 2nd reflection of the week. I look forward to that. Hopefully I get to wake up earlier than usual because I have to get ready by 730am to bring Aariz for his regular check up.

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