My #2018bestnine

I thought I should follow the crowd and check out what’s my #2018bestnine. So here you go.


I reposted this on my instagram, just like many others. Caption is as follows:

“I thought Aariz is going to fill up my #bestnine2018 but as I reflect upon it, it kinda captures perfectly my 2018. Change is inevitable, but change is good. 2018 is a year of transitioning for me, both at personal and professional levels – new role, new division, new MD, new mandate, new boss, new team and on top of all, first year as a full-time working mom and fully-breastfeeding Aariz until now (so just imagine, in between work and meetings wherever I am, the pumping has to go on). Definitely a year of trying, learning, failing and then quickly get up to try, test and learn again and the cycle repeats; it is what we called being agile. I have to say that some of the changes were not due to external factors, but due to hard decisions made by myself. Have I doubted myself? Of course. But as time passes by, as I connect the dots, I can now say I am glad I made those decisions. If you have the right intentions, InsyaAllah you will be on the right track. But my dear Aariz, watching you grow, taking care of you, together with your daddy, is truly my greatest blessing of the year, alhamdulillah! #butidohope2019igettosleepthroughthenight 🤣 #andsincewhenmaroonismycolour#ithoughtblueismyfavourite#changeisgood”

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