Being cautiously brave

Aariz is not afraid of the pool. Whenever he sees a swimming pool, he would want to jump straight into it. My husband and I have been bringing him to the public pool in our condo every other week just so that Aariz gets used to the pool, early in his life.

It’s really fascinating to watch him in the pool yesterday. He jumped into the kids pool and then quickly climbed out only to dive again into the pool and when he was in the pool, he would walk and swing the water with his hands and plunged his face into the pool for a second, in every metre he walked.

I hope he remains brave, not just in the pool but also life in general. Being cautiously brave is probably the right way to say it. I would want him to not afraid to try anything (legal) that he wants and let him test and fail and get back up to try again and hopefully learn from his mistakes. Agility is key.

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