Week 1 Reflection

I am planning to make Saturday’s posts to be about my reflection of the week. So let’s try the first one.

It was a very short working week because I was still on leave on Monday and Tuesday was a public holiday. Nothing much really happened at work as everyone is not on full gear mode yet (some are still on leave) and for those who came back, I could see that they are either still on holiday mode or at least cleaning email mode. I fell into that latter category. But it felt good. I am ready to kick off 2019 work!

Anyway, this post is supposed to be about reflection, so I shouldn’t say much about what I look forward to. Let’s try to keep within the agenda, shall we?

I would say the highlight of the week 1 is my 4th anniversary with my dear husband which was on Thursday, 3 Jan. Initially we didn’t plan to celebrate because we just came back from our year-end holiday so we would like to maintain low in our expenses for January. But who says we need to spend a lot for a celebration right? After all, it’s only once a year. So we both left the office earlier and watched a movie. It was our 2nd movie together after Aariz came into our lives. Yes, I just realized I only watched 1 movie in 2018 and I couldn’t even remember which movie. So anyway, we decided to watch Aquaman and thanks to me, it was a good decision because we both enjoyed the movie. It’s such a fun movie to watch. After the movie, we went for dinner and have desserts for supper.

Reminder to ourselves – as much we love our kids, we should always make the effort to spend quality time just both husband and wife. I always tell this to my husband, ‘you know, Aariz is going to grow up and have his own life. When that time comes, it will be just us. If we don’t maintain our connection, it’s going to be very difficult to do that only then.

Speaking of which, Aariz is up so it is time for me to stop.

Till tomorrow guys.

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