50% of corporate board should be women

That’s a very strong statement. Not made by me though. Was browsing through my instagram and saw someone advocated that the current percentage which is 30% should be increased to 50%.

I feel like I have to express my opinion about that statement because for me, it’s not about the %, it’s not about gender. At the end of the day it is about the quality of the board member. It’s like baking a cake. I watched the first season of Zumbo’s Just Desserts on Netflix (which FYI Zumbo is the King of Dessert of Australia) and what I learned is that you can make such a beautiful decoration of your dessert, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to taste. Similar here, pushing for a higher % when there is not enough quality women to be on the board, you will end up having a sub-par board.

I am a woman myself and I aspire to sit on corporate board at least by the age of 45, representing the expertise I have in me that will benefit the corporation. So that’s a lot of prepping to be done for me because I want to make sure that I have the right best-in-class quality because once I’m on the board, a lot of eyes will be watching and judging me, especially the other board members, men typically. Like it or not, I will be representing other women so I have to have a good reputation or else I will just validate many’s hypothesis that women are not good enough.

So that’s my point, not many women out there are good enough. A lot of women I noticed who are at the top management, most of them are bitches. Not all, but most. Why do people think you have to be a bitch if you want that senior position post. While on the other hand, the articles are saying that women are better because they are more compassionate and have more empathy. That’s a generalization and one should not make that remark. It’s mostly applicable for women who are married (either with or without kids). Women who are single still typically fall in the ‘bitches’ category.

So to all women out there, please do what it takes to improve yourself, please show to men out there that we are capable as what many claimed to be. Don’t just fight for the %. It’s meaningless.

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