2019 resolution, part 2

So my 2nd resolution of 2019 is to wake up early everyday. And by early I mean as early as 6am, especially on working days.

Today is my first day of working for the year and now is 830 in the morning. Here I am still in bed, writing this post.

2nd resolution – failed on first day.

I actually woke up at 4 in the morning but then I couldn’t sleep again until only at about 530. Set my alarm at 630 and I ended up snoozing it until 745. So yes, I performed my subuh only then.

And now I couldn’t bring myself up to shower because I just feel like going back to sleep especially when my son is sleeping so soundly still and so does his father!

Ok I need another motivation.

Just remembered I bought a new cereal. Let’s wake up to that. And hopefully I’ll have a productive day at work!

Till tomorrow guys!

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