When the threat is real

How would you know when the new innovative, disruptive and unthinkable invention, concept/idea becomes a threat to us (or rather our business) if you ignore the possibilities and opportunities? How would you know when it becomes real that it is set to revolutionize your world that if you don’t take interest in learning about it, you will be left behind?

Be aware. The trend goes like this:

  1. There will be a few mentions via media such as news portal, social media like Twitter, Facebook but the mentions are not large enough to create a network effect for it to become viral or stand among the most viewed post
  2. Consulting firms, researchers start publishing reports about the current and future trends of the new invention/idea
  3. Some leading practitioner/business leader/professor starts re-posting/re-tweeting the post that it starts to gain traction
  4. Consulting firms, researchers and now leading firms in the relevant industry start publishing about the practical applications
  5. Leading firms/players start pouring investments to experiment the idea

At this point, it may just be a hype, because there isn’t enough track record to show the success of the applications. But the hype is scary enough that the big players start to jump on the bandwagon and startups utilizing this application are on the rise because they believe that it is real, it will be the future and it will revolutionize the way we do things. Even more so, many investors (private equities and VCs) are betting on who will be the winners.

Alternative, you can just search for the term on Google Trends and you will see an exponential growth chart as below:


If you still don’t believe that it is real, then you will surely be left behind. Imagine this, back then when you don’t believe that cars will takeover horses as a means of transportation, people are already driving automated cars while you are just about to learn how to use the car.

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