R-coding playbook 

I am currently developing a playbook for all the R codes I have learned and used so that it will be easier for me to refer to in the future.

Sharing the link here so that you can benefit from it too. It is still a running list, I will add on as I go along.

I got the idea after I got really tired of opening my previous assignments, class slides and googling for the function/code I need, each time I got stucked while coding. Such a waste of time. You see, I am just a beginner. I only started using R this year. So I still need to refer to the coding examples.

In case you are wondering, I am in Analytics Edge class, one of the best classes I have attended.  For those of you who will be joining MIT and interested to learn more about analytics (subset of machine learning), I would highly recommend you to take this course. It is opened not just to graduates but also undergraduates. It is a huge class because of the high demand.

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