Love the Latin Americans

I just realized that I’m left with only an hour before the day ends and I have not posted anything. So, to keep the momentum going, I just wanted to say something about the Latin Americans since I just came back from the Latin American party organized by the fellows.

The best part of the Sloan Fellows program is that the diversity of the cohort is very rich. I think it is the most diverse program in MIT. There are 110 of us, spread across 35 different countries. So, I have the luxury to be exposed to the various cultures.

One of the continent that I love most is the Latin Americans. I can almost connect with them easily. I think it is because they are generally very loving, friendly and genuine people. They care so much about their people, but also the rest of the cohort. Whenever they meet us, they will want to hug us. Relationships matter to them, a lot. And of course, trust them to organize a party. They can just dance and dance and dance. That’s how they connect and network with each other.

Love the Latin Americans – Colombians, Brazilians, Argentinians and Peruvians.

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