Board of Director

So last week, a few of my classmates and I had the privilege of having lunch with Sandy Moose, after attending her talk session.

Sandy Moose is no stranger in the consulting world. She is the first female consultant hired at BCG back in 1968. She was hired by the founder himself, Bruce Henderson, who was a legend in the business world during that time. Apart from her excellent consultancy work (which garnered her numerous awards), she also sits on the board of some public listed companies, one of them being Verizon.

What I would like to share is her advice/recommendations on how to be a Board of Director.

  • If you don’t have any experience yet, start by being a chairman of a committee or if you are comfortable, join the board of a non-profit organization.
  • When you are attending your very first Board meeting, try to sit, listen and observe first, before raising your hand to give comments.
  • Must show that you support the management and other directors, but do raise any of your concerns in a diplomatic/polite manner. Be a loyal critique.
  • Get to know the other directors and management. Visit the company’s site/plant if any.
  • Understand the business so that you can give strategic high level advice, but do not try to micromanage and get involved with the management of day-to-day business. If this is a startup, then yes, that’s a different story.

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