Creative Capital: Georges Doriot and the Birth of Venture Capital

I have decided to purchase this book (refer to the title of this post and image below), thanks to Fred Wilson for recommending it.

Screenshot of cover page of Creative Capital (source: Amazon)

Good thing I have Kindle, it is always cheaper than the hard copy version. I still have this dilemma whenever I am in a bookstore. I still have the urgency to buy a book that I immediately fall in love with, but I will always be torn between the pleasure of impulsive buying and the guilt of differences in price (in bookstore vs. Kindle) + convenience (adding an extra weight in your bag vs. the kindle which is super light).

I always find myself inching to read a book when I am inspired by the subject of the book. In this case, it is Georges Doriot. I work in a soverign wealth fund where to a certain extent we do operate like a PE firm. If not, we always have to connect with the PEs and VCs, especially now that we are increasing our investments in tech-oriented start-ups. So, what would be a better way to learn about VC than learning from the father of modern VC himself, where he founded the world’s first publicly owned venture capital firm called American Research and Development Corporation. Not only that, he is also the founder of INSEAD. When someone is so successful and so passionate about education and actually giving it back to the society, he/she has just blown me away.

Let me read and see how it goes. One of my bad habits is to read a new book before finishing the current book (or the ones before). But, a note to self, consistency is the game. Finishing the game is the end goal.

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